Sunday Offerings — All  are welcome as you are. 

Summer Hours – one service at 9am starting June 7th.


The Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule will resume on September 13th and is listed below:

8:00am  Holy Eucharist – Quiet Contemplative Worship

9:00am Christian Education

10:00am Holy Eucharist – Worship with Music and Fellowship


FaceBook_Icon_48     (see facebook for more pictures)


Special Events & Notes

See the Current Events or the Leek for more information.

Our Prayer for the Future:

Holy God, the navigator of our souls, hear us as we hold up before you our future Priest. Be with us in our yearning to chart a course together, inspired by the presence of your Spirit. Give us courage and strength as we walk side by side with our leadership during this challenging time. Be with all who guide us, and each of us, in prayer and as we move forward with your blessing. For all we do, we do to your glory, in Jesus’ name. AMEN.


page last updated August 10 2015

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