Collecting School Supplies during August 2015

McCLEERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES — to be collected during August 2015
With the arrival of August comes the beginning of school.
Once again Saint David’s will be collecting school supplies for McCleery first graders.
We will be collecting supplies throughout the month of August.
Please bring any of the following supplies to Saint David’s for delivery to McCleery during the week of August 24.
Often families can obtain basic school supplies at other school supply fairs.
Consider donating the items that children might not receive at other events or items that meet general classroom needs.
These special items are listed below. See the July Newsletter ( named the Leek) for a complete list of supplies:
**  3 boxes of Kleenex
** 1 5”x8” school box
** 1 box of quart or gallon size Ziploc bags
** 1 set of headphones or ear buds
** 3 3”x3” post it notes
** 1 carton of baby wipes
** 1 water color set
** 2 wide yellow highlighters
** 4 expo dry erase markers

Thank you for supporting this outreach ministry of Saint David’s.